I also do windows (yea sure Mommy wishes!)
Stealing a kiss with Aunt Dana-Look out Uncle Frank!
I am very patriotic!
My March 2000 pal Jonah!
I am such a HAM!!!!
Do the Bear CHA-CHA-CHA!!
I insisted on bringing my pillow to Thanksgiving Dinner!
Trying to kiss cousin Gina!
Is this what a facial feels like Mom??  Gotta love PB&J face!
The play area Mom made me in the living room!
Like my new Santa hat?
I helped Mommy put the tree up this year!!
Go ahead Daddy-I will catch you!
Look how high Daddy swings me!
I love driving!
Although mommy was scared-I am a PRO at this climbing thing!
A December Day at the Park......
This is Mommy & Daddy in Atlantic City for their wedding anniversary!
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I love leaves!!!
Man I love to make a mess!!!
These are all the presents I got for Christmas!